Decorating the Porch On Christmas- A Handy Guide

The front porch of a home is considered as the 1st place from where the homeowners welcome their visitors. Besides, the porch is also the perfect backdrop to share the Christmas cheer with the neighborhood. So, in case you are looking for some striking additions to the porch designs or in case you want to celebrate the Christmas Eve in your new home, then here are a few wonderful porch Christmas decoration ideas that can spark your creative nature.

1. Beautiful greenery: The Holiday greenery happens to be known as a Christmas characteristic and this can be used in almost any theme. The greenery is basically a green simple wreath that is decorated with red colored bow. Therefore, this can stand against any design and door color while maintaining the traditional feel of Christmas. You can even include a little bit of vivacious personality to the porch by incorporating some themed accents like ornaments, ribbons, flowers or your beach cell collection, prized owl collectibles etc. All of these things can convert the essential holiday greenery in a modern, rustic, vintage or some exceptional Christmas decoration.

2. Garnish with the garland: To do this, you can outline the door trim with garland to complete the entrance door design. You can use a garland hanger for this purpose. On the other hand, in case you want the holiday door display to shine even at the night, then you can wrap mini lights across the greenery or you can opt for pre-lit garland and wreaths.

3. Festive flanking: If you want to work outward across the porch, then flanking every part of the entry with certain decorative brogue can actually add a depth to the design of the door. Flanking looks just great with the doors with window panes to right and left or the doors with side-lights. You can also choose Christmas decoration with flanking that stand yet in the height of the center part of the door to come up with symmetrical and polished effect.

Some of the popular thoughts for flanking the porch include:
• Potted topiaries enfolded with organized lights
• Place some lighted motifs such as snowmen, angels, elves or reindeer on every side of the door
• Clusters of poinsettias and candle lanterns
• Grapevine balls covered with the lights and put in the matching urns.

4. Garland wrapped bench: Rocking chairs, swings and benches can be some really inviting actions to numerous porches. So, you can also show your holiday love to these front row seats. To do this, you can wrap the porch seating in both unlit and lit garland to finish off the festive display. Besides, you can add some special touches in the forms of bags, bows, lanterns or a jolly sitting Santa to greet the guests Christmas when arriving. The swings or benches can even be wrapped or draped with string lights to offer an extra illumination.

5. Porch railings: Once your door is decorated, next parts of Christmas decoration are to decorate the stair railings and porch. To do this, you can wrap mini lights across the railings or you can add a delicate icicle lit swag or garland. Besides, you can even choose to secure some lit-up snowflakes to the stairs as well as to the railing outside leading to a wintry and whimsical combination of Christmas applaud. On the basis of the decoration that you prefer, there can be some different applications.

Some of the popular ideas for decorating the porch railings include:
• Garland lights happen to be prepared of numerous stands of fairy lights that are woven together tightly. These lights can be wrapped easily around the railings to have a wonderful display or these can also be used to create a style by using hooks or zip ties to protect the lights.
• Icicle lights, which can be hung straight around the railings or can be secured in the patterns of sweeping swag. To secure the icicle lights temporarily, you can choose to zip ties in the colors to perfectly match the railing work. On the other hand, use screw in clips or hooks to hang the lights in to hang these lights throughout the year.
• Christmas wreaths are popular options for those homeowners, who don’t just prefer holiday greenery. Dangling these wreaths around the porch railings along with festive ribbons works as an uncommon Christmas decoration for porches that looks very charming as well as undeniably inviting. Wreaths are basically a classic type of Christmas decoration as well as a wonderful choice while you want a celebratory holiday home, which looks jolly both night and day.
• Another popular option for lighting the porch is mini string lights because of the incredible versatility these lights offer. So, select colors, which match the theme of your decoration as well as the wrap railing fast to create a festive shine around the complete front porch. The mini string lights are available in a huge number of shades and styles.
• Snowflake decoration is another great choice both while lit and unlit and this decoration can be protected with zip ties, sturdy wiring or even with decorative ribbons on the basis of your preference.

6. Porch columns: The front door of your home works as the crucial point of the Christmas porch adornment. And you can consider the columns and railings as the structure that showcases the design. However, the best possible technique for decorating the pillars is to drape those with greenery or lighting, which either compliments or matches the railing design. But keep in mind one thing that you should match the decorations of both the porch columns and porch railings.

To make the process of wrapping columns more convenient and easier, you can opt for trunk wraps or columns in different color styles and lighting to match the decoration. Column wraps look great for the homeowners, who have a bigger porch and a few columns to decorate as these columns can quickly be installed and therefore these produce some uniform results.

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