Ideas on how to Decorate your House this Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the only festival that is celebrated across the world by people practicing different faiths and living in different cultures. It is most significantly celebrated in the United Kingdom, US and various countries of Europe — in other countries of Christian minority, the celebration is somewhat marred but it is worth noticing nonetheless. The most exciting part of Christmas for a family is undoubtedly the Christmas decoration.

Buying Christmas trees and gifts for everyone in the family is a celebration in itself. Essences of different cultures get mixed up in the process and leave their traces in Christmas decorations; which is why we see different themes in decorations. But traditional Christmas decorations call for a perfect traditional Christmas tree, small bulbs of vibrant colors hanging from it and gifts garnishing its bark.

Christmas decorations consist of several parts and each part requires different kinds of decorations — the decoration for living space is not the same for patio decoration just like garden decoration cannot be same as bedroom decoration. If you are feeling traditional this Christmas, you might want to try this guide for decorating your living space and enjoy Christmas to the full extent with your family and friends.

On decorating the living room
A Christmas tree must be the centre of attraction for Christmas decorations of a living room. If you want to choose a particular theme for a living room that will fit your Christmas tree perfectly, Irish theme is a beautiful traditional theme to go with that ornaments your tree with a rich traditional look. You can choose one that will suit the size of your living room from the nearby market. In markets, there are usually a large collection of trees available to choose from. You can go with an artificial one or a real tree, depending on your choice.

The tree definitely is a quintessential part of your living room Christmas decoration, but you cannot just put up a tree without decorating the tree properly. Decorating the tree is very easy;
• You can simply decorate it with colorful beads and lights to attribute Christmas vibes to it. Beads wrapped in sparkly paper add a classy and traditional feel to the Christmas tree.
• If beads hanging from a colorful strings wrapped around the tree seems to be too simple for you, you can go with colorful lights hanging from a string that will give different kind of beauty to your tree.
• You can go for home-made stars, dough and buttons etc. These are also used instead of simple beads or ball of lights. You can make your decorating items at home and ornament your tree.
• You must add something to the top. A beautiful star or a big red bead might do the trick of making your tree look complete.
• The bottom is also not to be left out; you should add glitter or sparkles on the gifts heaped around the bottom of the tree to add a finish touch to your tree decoration.

With the tree completed, you can decorate the rest of living room with red and white, as those are the most traditional Christmas colors. Since the tree plays the most important role in this decoration, it will be great if it is placed in the middle of the room and strings of lights go to corners from it lighting up the whole room with a festive mood.

Ideas on decorating a garden
The front portion of the house is not to be left empty. Christmas decoration must include the frontal portion of a house, be it a beautiful garden or a front porch or a simple door, Decoration of this part lets your neighbors and the passers treat their eyes with some beautiful lights or decorations.

• If you have a garden
If you have enough space in your garden, you can display some Christmas festivities. Adding dolls playing the moment of birth of Jesus might be a great idea if you can decorate it in the right way. Adding enough lights around the dolls and a few Christmas trees around the garden can be a great way to decorate the garden. The main Christmas tree can also sit on the garden if you wish to express your festivity in an outwardly manner. Other ornaments like popsicles and glittering stars might be great add-ons to it.

• If you have a front porch
The railings of the porch can be decorated with lightings and Christmas tree leaves to portray your festive mood in the perfect manner. You can add Christmas bells and ornaments of the like to garnish the railings of your porch better.

• If it’s your door you want to decorate
Decorating the door with a Christmas wreath might be a great idea and it is one of the most common decorating item people use to decorate a door. A wreath signifies eternal life; If you want your wreath to have somewhat longer lifespan, you can water it and spray medicines to keep it free from bugs. That way it can live somewhat up to what it signifies.

On decorating the other areas
The staircases and other rooms can also be arranged to be dressed in the Christmas attire to complete the Christmas decoration of your home. The staircase can be decorated beautifully with the same things that the railing of the patio can be decorated with. You can cover the railings in leaves of Christmas trees and add small beautiful Christmas photographs on them or just hang beads, colorful balls and stars to make them appear beautiful.
The walls can also be decorated beautifully with strings of sparkly material that is easy to peel off once the festivity is over. You can attach photographs of your family in Christmas attire to give the walls a makeover. Bedrooms can similarly be decorated with lights, beautiful candles on the windows and paper snowflakes or paper decorative items hanging from the wall.

Enjoy holy Christmas with your family; decorate your home beautifully.

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