How to Decorate the house yourself this Christmas

Do it yourself ideas for decorating the house can save you a lot of money and work like a charm when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas. Every year in Christmas people spend a lot of money only to decorate their homes to showcase the mood of festivity. Decorate your home this year with your own DIY projects and save a handsome amount of money while not compromising on the quality of decoration. Decorating the house is a huge task and requires a lot of pre-planning. This article will help you plan the way to perfectly decorate your house and at the same time give you ideas on your own projects of making charms and decorative items to decorate your house.

Things to start off with…

There are several parts of house decoration and each room in the house requires different kinds of attention.  Yet there are certain things that can be same for every place in the house. Small charms and ornaments that can be made at home or can be bought in the supermarket suits almost all the places in the house. There are a few theme based decoration that requires particular items but other than that these common decorative items can be easily made at home.

Significant items that are signatures of the festival of Christmas like the Christmas tree cannot be made at home, but apart from that, many other things can be taken up as DIY projects. Let us explore the ideas of decorative items that you can make at home and the perfect places to keep them.

Wreath on doors

The wreath is another signature Christmas decorations just like the Christmas tree. Wreaths are usually used for decorating front doors. It can also be used to decorate doors inside the house or tables. You can even put it up on walls to make the walls look festive.

When it comes to wreaths, people have a conventional idea which is green leafy round decorative items used to decorate doors but wreaths can be of different kinds. There are many kinds of wreaths available in the market made of various different objects depending on the theme of your party and on your culture. There are paper wreaths that can be made at home with colored papers. To have a wreath that will give you the perfect beautiful door and not drain your wallet at the same time, you need colored ribbons and hot glues.

If you keep gluing the colored ribbons one with another in the diverse mix, it is only a matter of few hours until you have the perfect wreath. There are various DIY ideas on how to make a wreath available online if you are looking for something fancier than a wreath made only of paper ribbon you can check out other ideas. To give your wreath the final touch and make it look absolutely perfect you can tie a few red ribbons hanging from the wreath and add a one or two paper cut bells and Voila! You have your perfect wreath.

Ideas for the dining hall

When it comes to the dining hall, the main furniture is the chairs and the table but there can be extra furniture around the hall. You can decorate the furniture in the hall without putting a hole in your pocket by simply tying traditional ribbons on the chairs. It sounds too simple but when done, it never fails to add a classy simplistic charm to the ambiance of the dining hall.

You can put specially customized jars on the dining table that are mouthwatering and festive at the same time. To make these jars you only need to fill half of it up with chocolate, then put a layer of red cherries and on top of them some white color candies. You get a delectatble candy treat in a festive set-up. You can top it up with a few small candy canes poured in the jars. Add a few of these jars on the dining table and you have achieved the goal of decorating the dining table at a very low price.

Put scented candles on the dining table to light the dining table up in a traditional old-school manner and saving the cost of room fresheners. You might not have a vase that suits the occasion of Christmas, worry not because you can now make your own vase with a few candy canes, a ribbon and some glue. Join the candy canes together with glue to form a cylindrical shape and tie them up with a ribbon. Put a few flowers in the candy cane vase. You have the perfect vase for the occasion.

Ideas for the garden

The garden gives a lot of space for the creative bent of your mind to work on. Get your creative juices flowing this Christmas and plan the perfect decoration for your garden. When it comes to charms, there are a thousand charms that you can decorate your gardens with. Your Christmas tree can find the perfect place for it in your garden. With a few lights and the proper decoration on it, it will look glorious. If you find a place for the tree, inside the house, then you can set up small trees outside in the garden.

While wrapping up…

Making a small enclosure to put clay dolls playing Christmas scenes is not a bad idea either. With proper lighting, you might attract a crowd with the dolls. For charms to hang from the trees on your garden, you can make your own beads by wrapping up plastic balls in colorful glitter paper, you can make your own golden stars by spraying golden glitter on cardboard cutouts. You can create a snowman with a white jar and yellow and black paints. The options are endless to explore and you can do something unconventional to make your Christmas appear more decorated.

Now, with all these bright little ideas you will surely make up the most beautifully decorated home in this coming Christmas!

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