8 tips to help you make it the most memorable Christmas

Just when the month of November comes to an end, there is this festive mood that does the rounds when in a few days it would be Christmas and therefore there would be happiness and fun and not to forget the great food that compliments it.

One of the major aspects of Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree (big or small) that adorns every house while each of them is decorated in different ways. Not everyone spends money each year to get a new one for their house and it is always the ones that were kept packed neatly from last year’s celebrations is what gets to come out again.

While you put up a Christmas tree and ensure that it looks just as pretty as it does everywhere else, there are a few minutes but important things to take care of. Read on to know more about it.

Start with bring out the decorative items a week before Christmas

Even though you take the necessary measures to pack the Christmas decorations well to make use of it the next year, things may at times go wrong especially if you have relocated or probably the house has been infested by pests or any other problem. While you make plans to put up the tree a day or two before Christmas, you never know if there is a surprise waiting for you. Therefore, bring things out a week before helps you to check the condition of all of the decorations and make replacements as required. This prevents you from running around at the last moment where you are unlikely to get things of your choice as it would all be sold out. Checking for the hooks and rings of the decorative helps you bring along replacements just so that everything is in place.

Clean everything thoroughly

You wouldn’t want to put up a dusty looking Christmas tree as well as decorations that have layers of dust on them. While you do bring out the stuff a week earlier, you should clean everything with a cloth and ensure that there is no trace of dirt anywhere. The tree may be a witness to cobwebs and dust balls, there is the need to clean them off well just so that you do not give about a wrong impression to anyone who comes to your house. Cleaning them first makes it easy for you to put up the decorations

Make sure the base of the tree is intact

There are these times when everything else seems fine but the base isn’t that predictable. While you put up the decorations, the base should be capable of taking up the weight of the tree and not give way and fall off sometime during the celebrations. Therefore, even if it is a tree that you have been using for the past few years, things tend to be difficult at times when you least expect it to be. Keeping the base in its right place would ensure everything else is just perfect.

Check the condition of the lights and bulbs

If you have a certain set of decorative lights and bulbs set aside only to be used during Christmas, there is the need to check it before you put it up. While being left unused for such a long time, they may not function as expected especially when they are old and have been in use for years altogether. Experts suggest to not use old wires as they not just take up too much of energy but also create risks of accidents at home.

Look out for a safe yet visible place for the Christmas tree

If you have kids or pets around the house, leaving the decorated and lit Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere can become problematic for you to handle. Playing with live wires can become fatal for them and that is the reason why there is the need for a safe place for your Christmas tree. Ensure it not just visible but also difficult to access when it comes to the kids and pets in the house. The kids and pets unknowingly may create a problem for you.

Do not use breakable decorative items for the tree

If at all by accident the decorations fall from its place and drop on the floor and it turns out to be made of glass or similar delicate substance, there are chances that you, your children or the pets may get hurt. In the present times, Christmas decorations items come in various types made up of plastic, fiber or probably lightweight metals that are easy to hold as well as put up. Even if something happens to them, they wouldn’t fall on the floor and break.

Let the kids be involved in the decorations

Apart from making them feel good about the season, letting kids serve a helping hand for your household chores makes them feel a part of you and that you give the importance that they deserve no matter how big or small they are. You can always involve the little ones in decorating the tree and you would be amazed at the excitement that they little ones portray. While letting them perform small chores, they are satisfied with all that you want them to contribute.

Ensure that you save electricity

Since Christmas is the witness to lights everywhere, almost all households that make use of the lights on the trees and it tend to stay intact until morning. While there are so many people using up energy at the same time, there is the need to do that and waste energy for no good reason. While you switch off the light at night you get to be benefitted in numerous ways. You save up on the electricity bills, you keep accidents at bay as well as prevent burglars from sneaking in when they get to spot the Christmas decorations especially if they look expensive.

Follow this piece of advice and watch yourself have one of the best Christmas celebrations ever.

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