How to decorate your home in Christmas

Christmas is that time of the year that brings a lot of happiness and relief for everyone. In most of the Christian majority countries, it is the biggest festival to be celebrated with New Year’s Eve just around the bend. It is a time when people forget about mundane routine life and indulge themselves in festivity. The birthday of Jesus is celebrated with much grandeur even in countries that are not Christian majority countries and people of various faiths participate in it. Nobody can escape the charm of melodious Christmas carols, delicious cakes and most importantly, beautiful decorations.

The decoration is the most important part of Christmas preparations because it requires house dwellers to spend time in the market buying decorative items and planning how to decorate. In the course of this article, a few Christmas decorations ideas will be given so that you are better able to decorate your living space without spending much time thinking about how to decorate different places in your house.

Different rooms and places in the house require different kinds of decorations, the kitchen might sport a few chocolate jars filled with candies of specific colors on the top to give the kitchen a Christmas attire, but the same look will not suit the living space or the garden. Here, you will find specific ideas for specific places.

Decorating the living room

The living room in most houses has a sofa set, a table and a TV rack with a few decorative items around them. These are the basic things found in any living room that can be given a completely changed look to suit the festive season. You can make red-white contrasted sofa covers to give the sofa set a changed look. The idea of tying a bow around the pillows is great because the holiday colored ribbons will make the pillows look like gift items and can sport a great Christmas look for a cheap price.

With the decoration of the sofa set completed, you can touch the TV rack and garnish it with some small gift items for your near and dear ones to find. There are Christmas showpieces available in supermarkets that will look great in a showcase if you have one in your living room.

The walls must play a very important role in Christmas decorations. You can choose to show all the cards you have received in Christmas on the wall to make it look very beautiful and to show the love you have received from your friends. The cards stacked in a chain on the wall with small beads of lights on them will give an extremely pretty look to the wall. You can also tie small ribbons or colorful chains on the wall to make the wall look beautiful and to make your living room appear beautiful.

For final touches, you can add hanging paper snowflakes or small chains of paper from the ceiling. Placing candles on the tables is a great idea too.

The Christmas tree

Nobody can deny the importance of a Christmas tree in the Christmas decorations. There are n numbers of Christmas trees available in the market. Small to big to huge, artificial to living, there are many Christmas trees available that you can choose from. You should first decide where you will place your Christmas tree. The tree undoubtedly should be the center of attraction of your Christmas decorations.

If you place it in the front garden of your house for your neighbors to see then it is only logical to choose a comparatively large live tree, you have decided exactly where you are going to place to plan the decorations around the tree. On the other hand, you might decide to place it indoors in your living room. In that case, you have to go with smaller, artificial ones. The trees once placed need further decoration or else they might appear to be straight out of a jungle.

You can decorate your Christmas tree with colorful beads or small balls of light hanging from the branches. Strings of light will add a different kind of vibe to your Christmas tree. But if you are looking for an old school decoration, we will rather you stick to stars, beads and paper chains. After you are done decorating the body with charms and ornaments, add a big bead or a star on the head of the tree to give completes it. Then, you can add finishing touches by adding glitters on the bottom of the tree where you will keep all the gift items. Adding glitters on them will give the tree a complete decoration.

Decorating staircases and railings

There are many staircases and railings in every house. The roof must have a railing the front porch has to have a railing and the staircases have railings. If you go through the trouble of decorating the railings you do not have to go through the trouble of decorating the entire front porch or the entire staircase.

For the railings, you can add Christmas tree leaves and add small hanging charms or paper cuttings of bells and moose and Christmas trees. You can add photos of your family on the staircase as well to give it an unconventional look. Once you are done with all these most of your Christmas decorations should be over.

Decorating a garden

The decoration of a garden can be tricky as a garden is an open space that requires intelligent placement of things and lightings. You can decorate your frontal garden with simple lightings and with dolls playing out the birth of Jesus. It adds a nice touch to it that most people would not think of putting up in their gardens. Adding small charms that will not be visible to anyone is not a bright idea when it comes to the garden. Some people place their Christmas trees in the garden; it is also a great idea as you keep the main totem of festivity out in the open for everyone to see it.

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